Servicing West Sussex and Hampshire, Based in emsworth

There are many ways to totally transform your outdoor space into something special.

Whether it’s creating a seating area, something fun for the kids, or decking for summertime BBQ’s, you’ll want to spend more time outside after we’ve completed your garden makeover. 

Sometimes it doesn’t require a complete garden redesign to change the look and feel of your garden. It may just be one particular area, theme or planting that needs changing or tweaking to make the garden complete.

We offer a full range of landscaping services for small to large gardens, estates and commercial green spaces. Our list of expertise include soft landscaping, such as planting and turfing and hardscaping which includes decking, fencing, paving and raised flower beds. 

Knowing what will work in your garden and look great can only come with experience. With over 30 years and hundreds of landscape projects completed in Hampshire and West Sussex, we understand what is needed and will work with you to create your dream garden space. 

Open the door, whatever the season

Garden design and maintenance for homeowners, developers and property managers. If you want a professional but personal service that is supported by practical experience, give us a call or message us.