We offer practical solutions for private and commercial gardens and landscapes. By working with the individual character of your garden and property, be it a small urban courtyard, or a large rural scape, we can help achieve your dreams for your outside space.

Based in West Sussex, we work throughout Sussex and Hampshire and further afield if requested. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a project with us.

Having had 25 years in the horticulture industry, Blooming Lovelies was formed in 2006 by Jessica Bateman, to enable customers to realise their outdoor visions.

Today they offer clients the opportunity to relax knowing their personal space is built, managed and maintained how they want it. With a solid background in horticulture and Jessica’s keen vision of style combines to offer a stand out service.

Recent work



When your garden just becomes neglected August 2019. A client who is now unable to physically garden but still loves being outside wanted to reclaim their garden again. After two days of clearing we were able to return the garden back to it’s former glory and remove that stress it was causing. The beds were dressed with a commercial grade membrane and topped with bark chippings. It is now tamed and easy to maintain.


When you move into a house and children’s safety is paramount August 2019. After moving into a property and inheriting an old and dilapidated greenhouse that was proving to be a major safety hazard for the family’s children. With the removal of the glasshouse a hand made brick paver courtyard was created to match the existing victorian style patio. Large Yorkstone flags created a functional pathway from the house to the outbuilding.


When you have an area in the garden you just never use. Our solution was to create a private seating area by planting a mature hedge line of Fagus sylvatica. with an intimate backdrop the garden we’ve been able to create another space within the garden.


Moving into a new property and inheriting a garden that just doesn’t reflect how you would like a garden to be can seem overwhelming and possibly daunting. This project we decided to do in stages in order for the space to naturally evolve. With mounds of sub soil left from building work over the years and neglected shrubs and unmanaged trees we decided to keep key trees and remove the rest. With exhausted and unnourished soil a layer of compost mulch has been applied ready for a new planting scheme later in the year.


A tired extensive border area situated on a private estate no longer gave the residence the view they wished for. A new planting was introduced with all year round interest and colour. The estate now has a border which is low maintenance for many years to come.


Sometimes it’s the most simplest decisions in a garden that can bring the most joy. Having decided that the hours they were investing in their garden were outstripping the amount of happiness the garden was providing. We removed the lower garden borders and seeded a lawn area. The garden is now manageable. A simple restructuring has enhanced the whole character of the period property.


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